Security Tips

We stock an extensive line of safes in our showroom, and we are able to order many more. We sell and service many brands of floor safes and standing safes. Our professional staff can help find a safe to meet your specific needs.

When choosing a safe, considerations include:
  • Size - Begin thinking about what items you will store in your safe. As you consider different safes, be sure you note the interior dimensions of each safe.
  • Security - How secure does your safe need to be? Will the safe be unattended for days or weeks at a time or in constant view? Will your safe need to be bolted to the floor or a cabinet so that it will not be carried away?
  • Fire Rating - Many of our safes carry a fire rating in addition to a burglary rating. This describes how many hours the contents will be able to survive a fire in the surrounding building. A fire rating requires insulation which will reduce the interior space available in your safe.
  • Combination Style - We stock safes with traditional rotating combination locks as well as safes with electronic keypad locks.
  • Location - Look at the exterior dimensions of our safe to see if they will fit in the space you plan. We stock floor safes that are designed to be installed in the foundation of a building, wall safes to place between the studs in a wall, and free-standing safes.

For current pricing, availability, and shipping times, call or come by our showroom.

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