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These simple tips can help you keep your family and business secure. The professionals at Landreth's Locksmith Service can provide security consulting as well as sales and service.

September 2005
    Spare Car Keys
    We all have experienced locking our keys in our cars and waiting for a helpful friend or local locksmith to remedy the situation. Keeping a spare key presents various questions -- for example how to keep it secure yet accessible.

    With modern security devices, spare keys can often be expensive. Often a locksmith can create an entry key for your car at a much lower price. This key will not include the electronic chips or transistors that allow the key to start the engine, but the key will still operate the car doors and trunk. This entry key could also be kept in a key holder on the car body without fear that a thief will use the key to drive away with your car.

August 2005
    Key Security
    Do you have a spare key hidden near your front door? Maybe you need to be sure you don't get locked out, or your son needs to get in after school, or a friend is stopping by to take care of your pets. Nothing is more convenient than a spare key hidden under the door mat... or over the door frame... or in a potted plant... or in the mailbox. Unfortunately, stashing a spare key near the front door can give an intruder easy access to your home. Thieves know these common hiding places - and a few others.

    A safer solution is leaving a key with a trusted neighbor or a family member. Another way to keep your spare key nearby but out of the hands of robbers and home invaders is the Stor-A-Key from SUPRA. This box can be secured to a deck, door frame, or window frame with four wood screws. A cobination lock allows those you trust to gain access to a set of keys. This is ideal for yard or pool maintenance, latchkey children, or getting inside when you accidentally lock your keys in the house.

    For more information on the Stor-A-Key or other security solutions, call or come by our office today.

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